Monday, November 28, 2016

Is Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son?

Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's  son.... and given the close relationship Castro had with the elders of the Trudeau family, it's plausible to say the least.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dictator Fidel Castro has died at aged 90.

Dictator Fidel Castro has died at aged 90. The Communist is dead. Despised by his critics as much as he was revered by his followers, he maintained his rule through 10 US presidents and survived scores of attempts on his life by the CIA. Political opponents have been imprisoned, the independent media suppressed. Thousands of Cubans have fled into exile.

  What happens next?

Although the announcement of Fidel Castro's death caught many Cubans unawares, it can't be said that they weren't partly expecting it. In a sense, they have been preparing for this moment, a post-Fidel Cuba, for several years now as he retired from public life and largely disappeared from view. But now that it has actually arrived, some are asking whether it will make any political different to Cuba's trajectory. It's unlikely to, mainly because Raul Castro has already been implementing economic changes intended to attract foreign direct investment and ease the tight restrictions on ordinary Cubans. Plus, of course, there is the new rapprochement with Washington. While it's still not clear what a Trump presidency will mean in that regard, those changes are unlikely to be reversed because of Castro's death. Nor will Cuba change its one-party political system in his absence.

 Politically, his legacy lives on &  Today the world is a little bit better place.

Friday, November 4, 2016


The prestigious secret society, a group that lists on its honor roll former US Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, as well as the current secretary of state John F. Kerry, granted an honorary ‘Bonesmen’ title to Ms. Clinton who formerly attended Yale Law School where she earned a degree in 1973.
“I’ve heard many stories about this ‘select club’ when I was a student in Law School over 40 years ago, which doesn’t make me feel younger at all,” she said laughingly to the crowd of enthusiasts. “It is a great privilege to become a member of this Ivy League club, now I will get to know the truth behind the rumors,” she told the crowd with a grin.
The acceptance of women within the 159-year-old society is fairly recent, explains Janet Gayner, a current member of the secret society.
“There are over 700 living Skull and Bones alumni, most of which are men, yet since 1992, when members voted to open the doors of the club to women, the number of women has sharply risen and accounts for a third of current members,” she acknowledges with pride. “It goes to say our members are not only driven by mischievous plans to conquer the world and human sacrifices, but also of ideals of gender equality,” she notes with laughter, pointing out the alleged rumors of pagan rituals loosely associated with the closed society.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Election Poll's Rigged ? INDIANA POLL? Evidence of Poll Rigging!!

Evidence of Poll Rigging by Shepard Smith in Indiana Poll 11/1/2016 by  Fox New,

 Was it an Honest mistake I think it was, but it just goes to show you that other networks are probably doing this all along and not correcting it . #MEDIA #RIGGED #ELECTION #DonaldTrump
About a Minute they came out with the corrected version of the poll for Indiana showing Donald Trump with the clear lead by 11 Points

Friday, October 21, 2016

Netflix, PlayStation Network, and Twitter down as huge DDoS strike continues

A coordinated cyber-attack has hit a large sector of the internet, and that has made services like PlayStation Network, Netflix, and Twitter inaccessible for a significant number of people. Earlier today, a distributed denial-of-service assault hit domain name system (DNS) service Dyn. That is preventing many heavily trafficked sites from loading for people around the world.

That earlier attack subsided for a few hours, but it has returned and is affecting sites that serve millions of users and customers.

The DynDNS is one link in a chain that enables the internet to function. It enables your browser to understand that when you type something like “,” you want to go to a certain IP address. By assaulting the Dyn system, however, this cyberattack is preventing that connection from happening. Affected services include:

  1. Reddit
  2. Twitter
  3. Netflix
  4. Spotify
  5. PlayStation Network

But since these switchboards of the web are so interdependent, one going down can cause the others to collapse.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Equal opportunity for all,no more corruption in Washington!

The stench of corruption in Washington is so bad that we will not survive as a country if we elect Obama's choice to continue his legacy! Without equal justice for all, our laws and Constitution are worthless and we will end up with an elite ruling class that will continue destroying everything we hold true and righteous! A nation divided cannot stand! Obama with his unmitigated arrogance spent countless hours chasing a little white ball over the grassy fairways while millions of poor Black, Hispanic, and Latinos suffered in the crime and drug infested inner cities of Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago! Does anyone recall him leaving his play fields to go and visit with the citizens, ministers and leaders of these communities to find solutions to their plight? Instead he supports the false hopes of Black Lives Matter while he plays and the inner cities crumble from a lack of law and order and hopelessness! And the people are asked to support his "Legacy" and continue the festering corruption by choosing a woman who laughs about the killing of world leaders while lining her pockets with corrupt "play for pay" government access! Has she visited the inner cities, offered solutions for creating jobs and promised better education opportunities like school choice as her opponent has? And yet you want to give her and her party continued support for their failed policies?? It is time to break the chains of bondage and corruption or we will all be destroyed as a country that promised equal opportunity for all!  #NeverHillaryClinton 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Danney Williams Clinton claims he is the biological son of former President Bill Clinton

Rumors that Bill Clinton once fathered a child with a prostitute have reemerged, as the now 30-year-old man makes a bid to have the former president recognize him as a son.
Danney Williams started a Facebook page in December, under the new name Danney Williams-Clinton, with the apparent intention of grabbing the Clintons' attention.
The claims that Danney is the former president's love child aren't new, but they haven't exactly been put to rest either.

In 1999, the Drudge Report published a story claiming that Star magazine had conducted a DNA test and found that the two were not related, but there remains questions about the alleged test's validity.

WikiLeaks “October Surprise” was a dud!

Wiki Leaks “October Surprise” was a dud, incoherent Julian Assange had nothing on Hillary Clinton. Julian Assange you just pissed of the Internet this morning. Not good.

  • Julian Assange claimed he was not plotting to bring down Hillary Clinton  
  • Wiki Leaks claims it has 10 million further documents it is going to publish 
  • More top secret documents are expected to be published later this week
  • He is planning to release large caches of documents until November's poll  
  • However, he mocked claims he would release new secrets today as he spoke at event to celebrate website's 10th anniversary 
  •  “Clinton paid him off!" "He’s terrified for his life!”
  • a big dud!
  • Hillary Clinton Pushed to Assassinate Journalist Julian Assange!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The List Lester Holt should have ask Hillary Clinton. #LesterHolt

Cooper and Raddatz will moderate the second presidential debate lets Hope they ask the right Questions.

Things Lester "forgot" to bring up:
  1. -Her Email Scandal.
  2. -The fact she takes Saudi Money
  3. -Her support of BLM.
  4. -Her admission of calling KKK member Byrd a mentor.
  5. -Benghazi.
  6. -Lying under oath on video to congress.
  7. -Deplorables & Irredeemables.
  8. -Stealing election from Bernie
  9. -Clinton Foundation.
  10. -Her plans for more refugees.
  11. -Her laughing at defending a rapist she knew was guilty.
  12. -Her health or passing out on camera
  13. -Her constantly defending her husband, the womanizer.
  14. -Not giving but 5-6% of the Clinton Foundation money to actual charity
  15. -Making hundreds of millions in speaking fees.
  16. -Flying everywhere in a private jet but pushing man made climate change
  17. -Destabilizing a good portion of the Middle East while she was Secretary of State.
  18. -Whitewater.
  19. -Cattle Futures.
  20. -Vince Foster.
  21. -Pay for play.
  22. -Her voting to go to war in Iraq
  23. -Seth Rich.
  24. -Numerous people who worked under their administration who came up dead.
  25. -Mena, Arkansas.
  26. -Her admitted ability to not remember things.
  27. -The hundreds of lies she's been caught in on video.
  28. -Russian Uranium, her Russian Deal.

Hillary Clinton Doppelganger Kathleen Wynne

Both of these women are in politics and  are covered in scandals, corruption, cover ups, fraud and the list goes on and on... Why is it that Ontario Canadians want Hillary Clinton to win the presidency? They know what Kathleen Wynne is like, both have been cut from the same stone. Do you really want to see The United States under that kind of government! Think about it. 

Hillary Cliton father – Hugh Rodham

Hugh Ellsworth Rodham was an American businessman. "He was the father of former First Lady of the United States, United States Senator from New York, United States Secretary of State, and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton."   

 Hillary Clinton father, Hugh Rodham took over the Chicago mob from Al Capone ... who together with Don Rostenkowski, took over the Chicago mob after the demise of Al Capone.  Conspiracy Theory or Fact? 

Hugh Ellsworth Rodham strongly dislike of the Democratic Party. FACT ! 

Rodham was a staunch supporter of Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign and remained a committed Republican until his death. Even after his daughter married Democrat Bill Clinton, he (according to Bill Clinton) "never gave up hope that his son-in-law would join him in the Republican Party and support a cut in the capital gains tax. FACT!