Friday, November 4, 2016


The prestigious secret society, a group that lists on its honor roll former US Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, as well as the current secretary of state John F. Kerry, granted an honorary ‘Bonesmen’ title to Ms. Clinton who formerly attended Yale Law School where she earned a degree in 1973.
“I’ve heard many stories about this ‘select club’ when I was a student in Law School over 40 years ago, which doesn’t make me feel younger at all,” she said laughingly to the crowd of enthusiasts. “It is a great privilege to become a member of this Ivy League club, now I will get to know the truth behind the rumors,” she told the crowd with a grin.
The acceptance of women within the 159-year-old society is fairly recent, explains Janet Gayner, a current member of the secret society.
“There are over 700 living Skull and Bones alumni, most of which are men, yet since 1992, when members voted to open the doors of the club to women, the number of women has sharply risen and accounts for a third of current members,” she acknowledges with pride. “It goes to say our members are not only driven by mischievous plans to conquer the world and human sacrifices, but also of ideals of gender equality,” she notes with laughter, pointing out the alleged rumors of pagan rituals loosely associated with the closed society.

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