Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WikiLeaks “October Surprise” was a dud!

Wiki Leaks “October Surprise” was a dud, incoherent Julian Assange had nothing on Hillary Clinton. Julian Assange you just pissed of the Internet this morning. Not good.

  • Julian Assange claimed he was not plotting to bring down Hillary Clinton  
  • Wiki Leaks claims it has 10 million further documents it is going to publish 
  • More top secret documents are expected to be published later this week
  • He is planning to release large caches of documents until November's poll  
  • However, he mocked claims he would release new secrets today as he spoke at event to celebrate website's 10th anniversary 
  •  “Clinton paid him off!" "He’s terrified for his life!”
  • a big dud!
  • Hillary Clinton Pushed to Assassinate Journalist Julian Assange!

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