Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Equal opportunity for all,no more corruption in Washington!

The stench of corruption in Washington is so bad that we will not survive as a country if we elect Obama's choice to continue his legacy! Without equal justice for all, our laws and Constitution are worthless and we will end up with an elite ruling class that will continue destroying everything we hold true and righteous! A nation divided cannot stand! Obama with his unmitigated arrogance spent countless hours chasing a little white ball over the grassy fairways while millions of poor Black, Hispanic, and Latinos suffered in the crime and drug infested inner cities of Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago! Does anyone recall him leaving his play fields to go and visit with the citizens, ministers and leaders of these communities to find solutions to their plight? Instead he supports the false hopes of Black Lives Matter while he plays and the inner cities crumble from a lack of law and order and hopelessness! And the people are asked to support his "Legacy" and continue the festering corruption by choosing a woman who laughs about the killing of world leaders while lining her pockets with corrupt "play for pay" government access! Has she visited the inner cities, offered solutions for creating jobs and promised better education opportunities like school choice as her opponent has? And yet you want to give her and her party continued support for their failed policies?? It is time to break the chains of bondage and corruption or we will all be destroyed as a country that promised equal opportunity for all!  #NeverHillaryClinton 

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