Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The List Lester Holt should have ask Hillary Clinton. #LesterHolt

Cooper and Raddatz will moderate the second presidential debate lets Hope they ask the right Questions.

Things Lester "forgot" to bring up:
  1. -Her Email Scandal.
  2. -The fact she takes Saudi Money
  3. -Her support of BLM.
  4. -Her admission of calling KKK member Byrd a mentor.
  5. -Benghazi.
  6. -Lying under oath on video to congress.
  7. -Deplorables & Irredeemables.
  8. -Stealing election from Bernie
  9. -Clinton Foundation.
  10. -Her plans for more refugees.
  11. -Her laughing at defending a rapist she knew was guilty.
  12. -Her health or passing out on camera
  13. -Her constantly defending her husband, the womanizer.
  14. -Not giving but 5-6% of the Clinton Foundation money to actual charity
  15. -Making hundreds of millions in speaking fees.
  16. -Flying everywhere in a private jet but pushing man made climate change
  17. -Destabilizing a good portion of the Middle East while she was Secretary of State.
  18. -Whitewater.
  19. -Cattle Futures.
  20. -Vince Foster.
  21. -Pay for play.
  22. -Her voting to go to war in Iraq
  23. -Seth Rich.
  24. -Numerous people who worked under their administration who came up dead.
  25. -Mena, Arkansas.
  26. -Her admitted ability to not remember things.
  27. -The hundreds of lies she's been caught in on video.
  28. -Russian Uranium, her Russian Deal.

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